– The Cottage at Casa Laguna Inn

Looking for a romantic bed and breakfast hideaway? Look no further than The Cottage at Casa Laguna Inn – truly a quaint retreat. In fact, it is so private that it is said to be a favorite for those recovering from a surgery or the occasional celebrity looking to hideaway for a few days. In the interview with Francois, he mentions this cottage and tells a bit about its history. The cottage sits above the pool area, separate from the other guest rooms and offers lots of space and privacy, including a separate entrance! With a beautiful interior (including a clawfoot tub built for two!) we were impressed and definitely can envision sharing a glass of wine on a porch that is all our own, while enjoying the majestic sunset seen at the end of the tour video – definitely a romantic bed and breakfast.

Also, be sure to watch’s Tour of Casa Laguna Inn, along with the Innkeeper Interview Part 1 and the Innkeeper Interview Part 2.

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  1. I am excited to visit the Cottage at Casa Laguna. It looks like the perfect getaway and enjoy some time together! I look forward to your other adventures to see where I should head to next.

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