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RomanceRoom.com recommends Laguna Beach Bed and Breakfast

A retreat. Quaint, seaside, well-appointed, romantic.  Going through the gate at Casa Laguna Inn, you enter what feels like a secret little garden, an escape.  It’s quiet, it’s beautiful, and for us, it was exactly what we were looking for.  Give us a happy hour with a nice wine, bagettes with goat cheese and pear slices – an opportunity to chat with a couple of other guests as well as the chef, and we are feeling very welcome and ready to explore.  We walked around this small property and it actually offered many nooks, crannies and private seating areas to feel alone if we chose.  We also loved the warm feeling of the “living room” with the fireplace and the chairs near the front desk, but also set apart enough to provide us with a place to sit, chat privately and watch the sun starting to set over the ocean.

The terraced courtyard with the bistro tables and umbrellas (and a fountain to add yet another wonderful touch) is a place where you can read a book, sip some wine, eat your breakfast, or, as we discovered, help yourself to some tea or hot cocoa which is available all day on the patio.  What a nice and unexpected amenity!

Casa Laguna Inn has a pool and a Jacuzzi, but we never made it in.  We did however spend time in our lovely room, enjoying the clean, crisp linens and the comfortable bed.  Of course the fireplace created a little extra warmth and a lovely glow in the evening.  The bathrooms were also nicely done – clearly updated with a fresh and clean feel while maintaining the vintage appeal of this historic building with white tile and quaint decor.  The innkeeper cares and shows it with his attention to detail.

Now, let us explain something – Casa Laguna Inn was hands down, without a doubt, from the moment this website was conceived, THE inn we wanted to feature first.  So we struggled as to how to adequately convey what this place means to us.  Suffice it to say this inn provided us with one of the first places away from home as a couple – we were so glad to have found it and feel lucky to know about it.  To say it has a special significance to us is an understatement.  We adore Casa Laguna Inn.  Watching the video takes us back every time – that room is calling us and I’m sure we will have to acquiesce and treat ourselves again very soon.

Why RomanceRoom.com recommends Casa Laguna Inn:

Andrew Says…I’ll never forget walking through that gate and the glow on the door and discovering a private Shangri La.  The colors, the greenery, the umbrellas – and as we approached the building we even caught the aromas from the kitchen.

Mary Says…This place literally “takes you in” as soon as you walk through the gate.  I’m not sure that I can pinpoint why or how, but I can tell you that you feel like you are a houseguest, that you can let out a deep breath, find your little place that feels right, and just finally relax. And experiencing this with the person you love…amazing.   

RomanceRoom.com recommends Casa Laguna Inn as one of the most romantic Bed & Breakfast Inns in California.

Innkeeper Interview – coming soon

Bonus Footage – coming soon

Bonus – you won’t believe the private hideaway/cottage offered on this property as well. Video will be posted soon – check back!

Are you ready? Romance Room Unveiling One of the Most Romantic Bed & Breakfast Inns in Southern California!

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The day has arrived – December 21, 2012, will be the unveiling of the true essence of www.RomanceRoom.com – our first featured Most Romantic Bed and Breakfast Inn with “insider” views – video and photos of the property typically only seen by guests of the B&B, as well as an exclusive interview with the innkeeper.

Innkeeper interviews will be a regular feature on our site, providing you with a more personal experience.  Our interviews are different each time, with some offering insight into the history of the inn, while others might feature the excitement of recent improvements made to the inn.  But almost all include a personal story or two about a past guest and how their visit to the property created a special memory and unique experience.  We LOVE this place…and think you will too. See you in a few days.

Announcement of Bed & Breakfast Inn includes exciting opportunity

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This weekend’s big announcement is for a Bed and Breakfast Inn that has a unique special offer for their fans.  Enjoy being pampered with this special deal!  Check back on Sunday to hear about an extraordinary limited time opportunity being offered by this B&B.  Will it be Southern California? Northern California?  San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, or the Bay Area?  You don’t want to miss it!  

New trip to secret Bed and Breakfast location

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Yea, we are putting the finishing touches on our featured selections and interviews that we know you’ll enjoy.  Plus, we wanted to wait until after our next trip to a secret midwestern destination as we are adding another couple inns that will be featured in the coming months.  Will it be yours?  Or do you have a place to recommend to us?  We can’t wait to share with you some of the beautiful places we have visited.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

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Back from our romantic adventures in California and Arizona!  So many experiences we can’t wait to share, it’ll be hard to choose which ones to share first.  We found some extraordinary places that offered subtle, unexpected touches.  And that always makes things much more fun.  But first, a little salmon, a glass of wine, and a little more together time.  See you soon!

Anniversary Toast at Sunset
Anniversary Toast At Sunset
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